Bullsbrook Water Carriers


Our bulk potable water supplies have an extremely wide range of applications. Here are just some examples of the applications our water is used for:

  • Road spraying
  • Fire fighting
  • Worksite water
  • Dust suppression
  • Community events

  • Landscape and verge watering
  • Drinking water replacement
  • Emergency services support
  • Swimming pool filling and top up
  • Special projects

Our 5 strong water truck fleet hold a total volume of 83,000 Litres. We have 4 water tankers that hold 14,000 Litres each and a semi trailer that holds an impressive 27,000 Litres!

We have operational partners that extend our capacity to a massive 227,000 Litres!

4500L Food (F14) - plug and play pump RCD
15000L Food (F19) - tank stand inspection hatch
Water carrier semi trailer
Water carrier semi trailer from side

Comparing your quotes for water: As tanker capacity varies between suppliers the most effective method of assessing you water supply quotes is to divide the load price by capacity in kilolitres (1 kilolitre equals 1000 litres) For example: $170 divided by 14 kL (kilolitres) = $12.14 per kL

Our areas of operation are statewide. We are available anywhere in Western Australia and have completed projects in remote locations.